Hôtel du Chateau de Sacy à Reims


Unique expérience surrounded by the vineyards

See one of the Château de Sacy twelve luxury rooms, spacious and confortable, the perfect union between elegance, classic and tradition in a peaceful environment.

Le Château de Sacy has one of the most beautiful view on Reims mountains and vineyards.

Each room was designed in a specific and unique way so you can come back without becoming weary. One of the room is designed for persons with reduced mobility.We can also welcome families because we offer you connectinf rooms with a beautiful view on the vineyards and lowlands.

Hotel du Chateau de Sacy

Classic Rooms

Choose "Eugénie de Montijo room" which invites you to travel or discover "La Chambre Valse pétillante" and its effects…

Each room is 23m2 and they have marble talian showers and provide a beautiful view on Sacy village and Reims lowlands.

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Deluxe Rooms

Penetrate into the cave of "La Chambre de Josephine de Beauharnais" or enjoy the delicateness of the "Happy Birthday Room" full of stories…

Each room is 27m2 and they are composed of large bathrooms with bathtubs and a view on Sact village and Reims lowlands.

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Superior Deluxe Rooms

Travel in time in "Marie-Antoinette"s Room", " Pompadour's room" or discover the universe of "The military officer Room", "the Vow of love Room", "The Honey-moon room" and the "Cristal Wine Room".

Each room is between 32m2 and 35m2. They are all provide showers, bathtubes and a beautiful view on Reims moutains, Sacy village and Ville-Dommange.

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Put yourselves in the shoes of the Sun King or in Winston Churchill in the Sun King Suite or Wingston Churchill Suite.

Each Suite is 50m2 and provide large bathromms and an exceptionial view on Reims landscape.

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