Histoire du Chateau de Sacy

Chateau de Sacy

History & Spirit

"Le Château de Sacy" which was also originally called "Villa Maria" in 1850 was built by Pierre Louis GOSSET, one of the Reims's greatest architects.

Built for the Monnesson, cloth merchants, there were several changes of ownership before the building was finally bought by the Mobillion and fell into disrepair. Le Château de Sacy is one of the last vestiges and summer residences of the pre WWI period. Indeed most of them were destroyed during the Great War.

After one year of reconstruction and rehabilitation, le Château de Sacy is finally ready to open its doors to you since June 2017. Through its 54 windows, it provides a unique and exceptional view on Reims mountains, Sacy and Ville-Dommange hamlets and the lowlands to Reims.

"Le Château de Sacy" is a jewel and benefit from an exception location: it is right down in the vineyards but only 3 km from the highway and the TGV trainstation and it takes only 15 minutes to go to Reims historic downtown.

Histoire du Chateau de Sacy

Millesime Spirit

Le Château de Sacy was rehabilitated and designed to make you feel home.

Everything was made to make you live a life-time and a unique experience. Le Château de Sacy is an oasis of tranquility where you will enjoy the confort and luxury of our rooms & suites, a convivial restaurant that promotes regional products and serves traditional dishes, also a wonderful winter garden within the Castle.

You will finally enjoy our Shop and our Spa « éc(h)o » that will help you to find peace and focus on your well-being.

L'esprit maison du Chateau de Sacy