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What to do in Reims ?

1. Visit the Taittinger cellar for a tasting !

Stay in Reims, among the vineyards yet near the city, and discover the secrets of Champagne!

At the Château de Sacy, we like to show you the best places in our region. In Champagne, the cellars of the most beautiful houses will sometimes open their doors to you so you can discover the region’s gold and learn about the unique expertise that goes into creating it …

From the minute you arrive we are here to help you organise these very special visits, which you will remember forever!

2. Explore Reims Cathedral

A stroll around the city is the best way to explore that most beautiful of cathedrals, the one in Reims …

The French Kings frequented it, with their elegance and pride, and it is now one of the best examples of Gothic art in France! With its 2303 statues and incredible architecture, Reims Cathedral has the honour of being classed a Unesco World Heritage Centre!

A visit here is a must during your stay at the Château de Sacy. It’s only a few minutes away by car …

3. Cycling amongst the vines ...

Champagne by bike, through the city and the vineyards, a marvellous experience !

During your stay at the Château de Sacy, a cycle ride will surely be one of the best ways of getting a real change of scenery. Riding between the vines around Reims, you can explore undulating, sunny landscapes. Just a few turns of the pedals will take you from the houses of Champagne to the centre of Reims !

Enjoy both sport and culture in the heart of Champagne !

4. Get a taste for the local specialities !

The pink biscuits of Reims, the real treat of Champagne

These pink creations are the symbol of Reims gastronomy and are part of its very history. The recipe was already in existence when Louis XVI was crowned in Reims … incredible !

Ever since then, the Fossier company has specialised in producing them, and is one of the last biscuit factories in Reims … You can find their shop in the centre of Reims, prettily decorated in pink throughout !

We also keep some at the Château de Sacy … for your special gourmet visit.

5. Enjoy a glass of Champagne on the terrace of the Château de Sacy !

The ideal spot for a highlight of your stay in Champagne: Our terrace amidst the vines !

Discover an amazing place where the vines are king and the view takes your breath away. To make the experience just perfect, let yourself be guided by our Head Sommelier who will suggest some great vintages and lovely champagnes ! What an elegant way to taste the golden bubbles…

Every day at the Château de Sacy, first floor, take a seat and enjoy.